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Tai Chi literally means “Supreme Ultimate” and includes the
belief that everything in the universe depends on interaction between Yin and Yang. The term tai chi chuan is not only an exercise for health and flexibility but also represents martial art because chuan can be translated as “fist” or “boxing”. 

The three words together Tai Chi Chuan means that Yin and Yang counteract together for example hard blocking moves are countered with soft evasive ones. Tai chi uses a number of different techniques including low kicks, push hands and striking to improve breathing, co-ordination, footwork, balance and flexibility. 

There is no age limit or gender differentiation to learn and study Tai Chi because the skill is not dependent on age, size or speed but on internal awareness and power which can be improved and expanded with regular


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    Formerly a University Professor for Business, the author has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and Feng Shui in China and does a lot of research on how to live a harmonious, healthy lifestyle.


    July 2012